Woman Tries To Expose Floyd Mayweather By Leaking Photos


Floyd Mayweather Penis

A woman sent this Money Team selfie to The Dirty with the comment:

Nik, not all black people are created equal.  I’m hoping you post this and maybe Floyd will stop sexting me pictures of his three inch penis.  You ain’t packing honey.

Dang, Homie.

I’m slightly at a loss for words, but I will share with you my initial thoughts.

1. Maybe it was cold in the Mayweather mansion that day.

2. Really, Floyd is still rocking Tommy underwear?

3. Why the bathroom mirror selfie? Fellas, women don’t find these cute.

4. I bet the recipient of this photo wasn’t complaining about Floyd’s package when he was spending money on her.

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  1. Maybe the b*tch he was sex-texting hadn’t turned him on yet, I mean it can happen but its rare for a man to screw the p*ssy with a soft d*ck ..c’mon clearly he ain’t even hard yet …lol

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