Calipari Says His Wildcats Are A Work In Process

John Calipari

John Calipari and his Kentucky Wildcats laid another egg in a conference game they should’ve won last night against LSU. And although we’re well into to conference play and a little over a month away from March Madness, Calipari says that his team is still a work in process.

“Look, this team is in progress, a work in progress and I’ve said it: It’s all about a process,” Calipari said. “The process we’re at right now is, will we have the mental toughness to really break through and be the kind of team we want to be? We didn’t show it today. So now we go back and it’s the next game and we continue to work on what we have to work on for us.”

The “work in process” excuse is understandable in December, but it’s the end of January, now it’s time to work the process. With the high expectations headed into this season and the stock-piled talent on this Kentucky team, the responsibility of their disappointing play has to fall on Coach Cal.

If this team is still a work in process, maybe it’s the process and not the team that needs work.

2 thoughts on “Calipari Says His Wildcats Are A Work In Process

  • The process appears to be broken

  • KY VS LSU I kept poking at my good eye, as the game went on, I was trying to stop the offending picture my eye was transporting to my brain. I saw a repeat of a very young, very talented but, over lauded team go down to defeat against a team, that played on emotion, motivation and desire. The same story played out against Arkansas, North Carolina, Baylor and Michigan State. At 15-5 now and looking at the remaining schedule, they could be looking at 10 losses or more at seasons end. That is too bad, because they could be at 20-0 now, no other team beat them as bad as they beat themselves. It’s not KY basketball to expect defeat.

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