Floyd Mayweather May Fight at Barclays Center


It’s a definite long shot, but one that would generate millions for the city of New York and boxing as a whole.

According to the New York Post, boxing insiders still believe there’s a chance the pound for pound king can be convinced to bring his Vegas show to Brooklyn.

Amir Kham and Marcos Maidana have been speculated as possible opponents for Mayweather. But nothing is signed.

 Investors need upwards of 1 million pay-per view buys to break even and having the fight at the Barclays Center could create added interest.

“It would be like LeBron coming to town,” a source close to the situation said. “It would light up the Barclays Center.”

A Mayweather bout at the Barclays wouldn’t generate the type of gate that could be made in Las Vegas and there are tax issues that might deter Mayweather from fighting in New York. But the media exposure he would receive could equate into enough added pay-per-view revenue to ensure his guarantee.

Mayweather is clearly partial to fighting in Las Vegas, his hometown. But he seemed open to taking the Mayweather Experience elsewhere as long as his minimum guarantee is met. “My guarantee will never be under $32 million, never,” he told Fighthype.com.

I can’t see it.

Between the taxes, and his love for Vegas, Mayweather may never fight anywhere else again.

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  • I don’t believe this either. New York City taxes are sky high. There is no way Floyd Mayweather fights in the NYC.

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