Georgia Tech Fan Doesn’t Get Dying Wish To See Coach Fired

paul johnson

Robley Henson Tatum died on January 17th at the age of 91. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge, loved his family, and sports. He particularly love Georgia Tech and went to school there plus worked there for many years. When his obituary was posted in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, there was something interesting in there. His final wish was to see GT Head Coach Paul Johnson fired:

He loved his family, his neighbors, Georgia Tech, the Atlanta Braves, bowling (he was a great bowler), the Atlanta Journal/Constitution (where his dad had worked), Waffle House, Hickory House and the Picadilly Cafeteria, and Little Debbie. He didn’t get his final wish for Tech, which to see Paul Johnson get fired, but hey, there’s still time.

That last part of “there’s still time” is classic. I guess Mr. Tatum really hated the triple option.