Lamont Peterson Wants To Fight Danny Garcia

Lucas Matthysse v Lamont Peterson

Lamont Peterson might want to watch what he wishes for.

Despite getting blitzed by Lucas Matthysse in his last fight, Lamont Peterson continues to say that his goal is to be the top fighter at 140 pounds before moving up to 147.

During a recent interview with Boxing Scene, Peterson discusses a potential fight with Garcia, and why he wants the bout so badly.

“Of course it’s a fight that interests me; he’s holding two of the titles at the weight class and he’s considered to be the best fighter at the weight class. Of course getting a shot at the crown is very important because the reason why I stay at the weight class is because I want to be the number one fighter before I move up to 147 pounds.

“As long as my body can handle the weight at 140 then I’ll stay. But the minute I feel like I can’t make it anymore, I’ll move up. But honestly in my mind, I really want to move up to 147 at this point.

“My thoughts on Danny Garcia are he’s a really good fighter. He’s proven himself over and over again. He’s a strong fighter and takes a good punch. He shows up every night and every time he has a fight he shows up and he wins. So I got a lot of respect for him and hopefully one day we can fight.”

Lamont Peterson will be waiting for a long time.

Danny Garcia dominated the man that knocked Peterson out.  Unless Garcia really needs an opponent or Peterson has a couple of good showings, this fight isn’t going to happen.