Lane Kiffin Wants To Join Lovie Smith’s Staff


New Tampa Bay Head Coach Lovie Smith has moved quickly in getting his new staff together. There is one high profile name that wants in on a job before they are all snapped up according to Former USC Head Coach Lane Kiffin:

It will be interesting to see if Lane Kiffin ends up on the staff. Ike Hilliard, who was relieved of his duties as wide receivers coach with the Bills earlier this week, is a former Tampa Bay wide receiver who will likely pursue a position on Lovie’s staff.

It’s said that Lane’s close relationship with Jeff Tedford who is reportedly heading to Tampa as the offensive coordinator, will help he get the spot on the staff. I actually think that this is the best move for Lane to work on a good staff and lay low for a while.

This will break his tradition of “failing up” though.