Nets To Target Kevin Durant In 2016


This is a long time away, but Kevin Durant sneakily likes New York, and the move would make sense.

The New York Daily News is reporting that the Nets new big plan is to make a heavy run at Durant who can be a free agent again in 2016.

On Friday , the Nets will chase Kevin Durant around the Barclays Center court, hoping to contain the NBA’s most dynamic scorer. And some two years from now, they likely will be joining the crucial chase for his signature on a contract.

The impending Durant free agency bonanza should start picking up steam next season and will undoubtedly engulf the NBA in the summer of 2016. And make no mistake: the Nets are targeting Durant, the 25-year-old offensive juggernaut, even if it’s too early to predict their odds.

Durant’s extension with the Thunder he signed three years ago expires July 1st, 2016, and he can’t lose or make any more money by signing another, so he likely will be the biggest free agent since that guy who made the decision almost four years ago.

In order to do such a thing, the Nets have to keep their cap space in check.

That means no big spending as they lose the cap number of Pierce, Garden and several more in two years.

Deron Williams thinks the large market will definitely entice Durant.

“To me, it really wasn’t big market or small market. It was kind of my options (when I was a free agent). I got traded here. I don’t know if I would’ve looked here if I wasn’t traded here,” Williams told the Daily News. “For someone like (Durant), I think it makes a bigger difference because of the endorsements he’d command in a market like this. I mean, look at what he’s already doing in Oklahoma City. But at the same time, maybe he’s such a big name that it doesn’t matter where he’s at. If LeBron would’ve stayed in Cleveland, he still gets $150 (million) from Nike.”