Popeyes Providing 375 Pieces of Chicken For Saints Road Trip

Saints Popeyes

This will be the biggest test of all time.

Can Popeyes defeat the 12th Man of Seattle? The Saints did win on the road last week in Philly thanks to Popeyes, now the food chain is going all in.

President of Popeyes Chicken tells TMZ Sports … the company is putting the entire weight of the Louisiana-based organization behind the Saints and have provided them with 375 pieces of chicken to hold the guys over during the flight from N.O. to Seattle.

“As a direct result [of Popeyes chicken], they won their first playoff road game,” the President tells us … adding, “They have a 100% win rate in the playoffs when they eat Popeyes.”

When we asked the President about critics questioning eating buckets of fried chicken before a football game, Mr. Prez told us, “It’s definitely not what you’d think, but it’s what they want. And you can’t argue with success.”

I want a 3 piece now, with some cajun fries and cinnamon apple pie.

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  • Why?! We got Ezell’s in Seattle, it’s better than that trash at popeye’s.

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