UFC Legend Ken Shamrock Is 50 Cent’s Bodyguard

ken shamrock

I guess no one will be running up on 50 Cent. In Vegas for the CES conference, 50 hired UFC legend Ken Shamrock to be on his security detail according to TMZ:

49-year-old Shamrock was spotted on the rapper’s personal protection detail at the CES convection in Las Vegas yesterday … and afterward, Ken confirmed he’s now working for a company that does private security for several “high-end clients,” including Fiddy.

After the convention, Ken tweeted that it was a “pleasure” working for 50 … and said the rapper is, “By far one of the classiest gents I have ever worked with.”

Not that many people would run up on 50 to begin with, but I imagine you’d be in for the surprise of your life if Ken Shamrock put his hands on you even at almost 50 years old.

I’m sure he could still get someone in an ankle lock.