5 Boxers Who Should Step Up to Fight GGG


Gennady ‘GGG’  Golovkin is coming off of the demolishment of some guy named Osumanu Adama in Monte Carlo. Oh you haven’t heard of Adama? Don’t feel too bad not many people have.

Gennady took the fight to stay busy and keep pace with his goal of fighting 5 times this year. His next fight is supposed to occur on April 26th but he’s having trouble booking an upper-echelon fighter. It seems odd that HBO would have a hard time finding a fighter to compete in a world championship main-event. Sure its against one of the most dangerous punchers in the world, but for a main-event paycheck the risk is worth the reward.

Last week middleweight contender Daniel Gaele felt the need to explain why he turned down the proposed April 26th fight:

“Because it’s the truth, we weren’t ducking him,” Geale told AAP. “If they had given us a week later or a week before, it would have been perfect. But they wouldn’t budge on the date and I want the people of Australia to be able to see a fight like that. Golovkin has built his name up so well, he’s stopped pretty much everybody he’s been in there with. I don’t want to go over there and do something great and nobody see it.”

I can’t imagine Geale making a substantial amount of money from Australia PPV sales. It would of been easy to just state that he was weary of being the next big Twitter meme. He didn’t want to end up laying face down on national television like the past few Golovkin opponents.

Gaele shouldn’t feel bad about flaking on the fight because fighters much better and much more known than him have done the same.


Sergio Martinez

Martinez has been a great champion but he is definitely reaching the end of his prime. At 38 years old Martinez is coming off his worst performance in years, a win over Martin Murray. His next fight against Miguel Cotto will say a lot about where Martinez is as a fighter and a champion. If he wins Golovkin could be a possible November/December opponent. It’d be the largest fight possible for Martinez and net him the most cash. His problem would be surviving the melee of punches Gennady would throw at him. Martinez has been knocked down before and that was during his physical peak.

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  • It is GGG who said he’s not ready to fight Ward, Quillin is align with Showtime, who said in the past he would fight GGG. Quillin is still a undercard fighter and not a headliner.

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