Anonymous Source Says Nnamdi is Gay & Kerry Washington’s Beard

Nnamdi Asomugha Kerry Washington

It is an anonymous source, so it can’t be proven or disproven which is the the main problem with anonymous sources.

My dog EL could tell me Nnamdi is gay or sleeping with Beyonce behind Hov’s back and I could write a story saying “sources say”.

Terez Owens is the source of this rumor about Nnamdi, here is what his anonymous source has to say.

“Everyone in the NFL knew he was gay, and he’s slept around a lot, even once with a former Philly player who is now out of the closet, and who I am friends with, thus I have DIRECT information on it. Now that he has “switched” careers to acting, he’s been seen for example, at Thursday’s John Wooten Awards event in NYC chatting up an unknown young man for the whole night… and leaving with him. So because it’s not just confined to sports anymore, as those pre SB events had many people witnessing various things, including this one, he is not as protected as he was before. People TALK” said our source.

Besides Nnamdi missing Kerry’s birthday to attend some Super Bowl parties, there is no way to confirm this. Kerry is pregnant and I assume Nnamdi is the father, so while that doesn’t mean he couldn’t play for both teams, just take this with a grain of salt.

3 thoughts on “Anonymous Source Says Nnamdi is Gay & Kerry Washington’s Beard

  • This I believe! You don’t see these two doing what normal married couples do. Most of the hollywood marriages are fake. Many of the actresses are beards. Damn near everything about hollywood is fake. What isn’t fake are the casting couches, eyes wide shut parties and the s&m masquerades. Rest in peace Stanley Kubrick, thank you for exposing hollywod!

    • Yep Yep… THIS isn’t a Shock at all to THOSE WHO Aren’t Blinded by The Hollyweird Lights Though (MmmHmm…)

  • One more thing. Ladies, if you knew how many professional black athletes were on the DL, you would be shocked! If you knew how many professional black athletes used drugs like ectasy, cocaine and mollys, you would be shocked! If you knew how many pro black athletes were raw dogging strippers, hookers and porn stars, you would be shocked! Be careful ladies.

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