Darren Sharper Accused of Raping 7 Women Drugging 11 With Ambien

Darren Sharper

Things just keep getting worse for Sharper as the police are putting out more and more information about him being an alleged serial rapist.

Here Is the latest.

The L.A. County D.A. filed documents in which the former New Orleans Saints star is accused of drugging 11 people in multiple states (CA, LA, AZ, NV) and raping 7 WOMEN.

But the hardest proof may come from AZ — where Sharper is accused of going home with 3 women he met in a Scottsdale nightclub on Nov. 20.

According to the docs, Sharper went to their place and poured 2 of them shots. Sharper allegedly raped both of the women.

But … the next day, the women went to the cops — and one of the shot glasses Sharper allegedly used to drug his victims was collected from the apartment.

The glass was tested … and cops say the results show it tested positive for Ambien — the drug Sharper allegedly used to drug all of his victims.

Sharper is currently free on bond.

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  • There isn’t a lawyer in the entire country that can save this guy. His life will soon be over. Black man in America accused of raping multiple women? He is done!

    • yeah him being black is what’s going to put him away…..

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