Darren Sharper Now Accused of 9 Rapes in 5 States

Darren Sharper Serial Rapist

When you say it out loud it is sort of hard to believe that an NFL player (and frankly any man for that matter) could be accused of such vile crimes by so many women in so many states.

But, here is what Darren Sharper is being accused of.

  • 4 official charges of rape in Los Angeles and New Orleans.
  • 8 Women in total have accused him of rape.
  • 1 Woman has accused him of sexual battery after he exposed himself to her & believe she was raped.
  • All of the women claimed they were been drugged.
  • Shot glasses examined by police were found to be laced with ambien.
  • The alleged crimes have taken place over 5 states (Arizona, Louisiana, California, Vegas and Florida)

Sharper faces substantial time if convicted in Los Angeles and life in prison if convicted in New Orleans.

It is always innocent until proven guilty, but it is becoming harder by the day to believe that Sharper didn’t do something very wrong to these women, will be curious what his defense will be for the crimes.