Jeff Gordon Pranks Journalist with High Speed Police Chase (Video)


In 2013 Jeff Gordon and Pepsi decided to play a prank on an unsuspecting car salesman when they took him for the test drive of his life. Many people didn’t believe the stunt was real and went through great pains trying to discredit the video of the car ride that was posted. One such critic was a journalist named Travis, so according to Fansided, Gordon and Pepsi decided to team up again with a little help from Travis’ friends to make sure that he knew that Jeff Gordon is for real.

Basically, Gordon disguised himself as an ex-convict turned cab driver who picked up the journalist for a simple cab fare only to get pulled over by the police. Now Gordon who is pretending to be an ex-con has no intentions of going back to prison and the video that ensues is pure comedy. Folks please don’t mess with Jeff Gordon or the next joyride could be you.