Video: Marcus Smart Shoves Texas Tech Fan Jeff Orr (Video)

Kevin Durant Says Marcus Smart Is NBA Ready.

I am curious what the old man said to cause Smart to do this. In is my experience, there are only a few things verbally that can cause this type of reaction.

The Old Man’s wife reaction is priceless, as if they were trying to get this reaction from Smart.

Before I make any judgments I will wait to see what was said. Unfortunately, it probably won’t matter because as the player, you simply can’t lose your cool like this.

Smart has to think about the consequences of his actions and this isn’t the first time he has let his emotions get the best of him.

If he can’t control himself in college, how is he going to handle himself in the NBA?

FYI, this fan Jeff Orr has a history of ignorance toward players, watch this, He seems like a swell guy.

Jeff Orr

So, in review, Smart has to control his emotions, but it is my belief the fan probably crossed the line.