NBA Considers Adding a 4-Point Line in the Future

Antoine Walker

That is a real quote from Shimmy Walker when he was asked why he shoots so many threes.

You would think the idea of a 4-point line would be crazy right? Well, not according to Rod Thorn, NBA president of basketball operations.

Here is what he had to say to ESPN.

During a sitdown TrueHoopTV interview with our own Henry Abbott, Thorn was asked about the chances that a 4-pointer — as outlandish as it may seem — could be brought to the NBA at some point.

Thorn seemed genuinely intrigued at the notion and revealed that the 4-pointer has “come up” in league discussions.

“Oh man,” Thorn told Abbott, “Some of the players we have can shoot the ball 30 feet as easily as they can shoot 23, 24 feet.” One of those players? Vince Carter. Thorn recalled a moment when he ran the New Jersey Nets from 2000 to 2010 as team president and general manager. As players tend to do at practice, Carter would showcase his shot-making abilities from far, far away.

“I remember when we had Vince Carter in New Jersey,” Thorn said. “Well, he could shoot the ball from the seats and make half of ’em.”

VC can’t make half of them in the game though, but I digress.

I say go for it, would shake things up a bit.