NFL MVP Voter Says Brady More Valuable than Manning


Last night Peyton Manning was awarded the NFL MVP award, but according to NBC Sports, not everyone on the voting committee agreed to this. The MVP award is voted on by 50 people selected by the Associated Press, and Manning received 49 of the 50 vote. Former Steelers QB Jim Miller held that vote that went to Brady and he explains why he made his decision.

“It pains me because Peyton had such a historic season,” Miller told the Post. “He is the offensive player of the year, no question. But having played the position, when I looked at who had the most value to his team, I thought Tom Brady carried that team the same way Adrian Peterson carried Minnesota last year.”

I can see Miller’s point. While Manning did have a historic season, the MVP award is given to the player that everyone knows makes such a significance that the team depends on him. Brady’s performance this year with a team of relatively unknown players proved just that.