NFL Prospect Quits Job to Live in Van & Train For Draft


Rashid Williams hasn’t played football since High School but that won’t stop him from pursuing his dream of making an NFL roster. He gave up his job as a sales rep at Frito-Lay so that he could enroll at TEST Parisi Football Academy in New Jersey. He is currently living in his car while he trains.¬†Kristian Dyer of Shutdown Corner talked to Williams about his story:

The northeast has been struck by a deep-freeze this new year, with night temperatures routinely dropping into the single digits and 18 inches of snow expected this week in Martinsville. Williams sleeps in the back seat of his van with multiple layers of sweatpants and sweatshirts on. He huddles underneath three blankets to stay warm. He reads at night to keep his mind off the cold.

His body has acclimated to the cold temperatures he says; after six weeks of the lifestyle it has become his new norm. He eats a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as well as consuming protein drinks. As for creature comforts, there are none. He just wants to not freeze at night.

This is the ultimate example of betting on yourself. The odds are definitely stacked against him but hopefully the former track athlete at Holy Family University can find his way in the NFL. His goal is to be able to support his seven brothers and sisters and mom with an NFL career.

Good luck.