Report: Idea of Hiring Greg Schiano Tore Browns Apart

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Now that the Browns are in full meltdown mode, the leaks are going to start coming fast and furious. We already heard about how Bill Parcells said thanks but no thanks to running the team. Now we have word that the idea of hiring Greg Schaino as coach tore them apart:

Bill Belichick and Urban Meyer were strong in recommendations for fired Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano—Belichick called twice—and here’s where I hear there was a major rift in the organization. Banner wanted nothing to do with Schiano. Haslam was intrigued with him after the over-the-top recommendation from Belichick. The group flew to Tampa to interview Schiano, and one source said Banner was cold to Schiano, not participating much in the interview. Banner likely thought Schiano would be a disastrous hire, given all the negatives in recent Cleveland history. He was probably right, but the owner was open to it, and when the owner’s open to it, the man running football operations should at least consider it.

If I was Banner I wouldn’t wanted to have hired Schiano either. I still have one question though for Bill Belichick who is always recommending him though. Why doesn’t he hire him if Schiano is so great?