Report: Texans Torn Between Manziel & Bortles

blake and johnny

The Houston Texans are on the clock for the NFL draft. All indications are that they are taking a QB but they are torn on which one to take so far. A Sports on Earth source says that ownership and the coaching staff are at odds between UCF’s Blake Bortles and Heisman winner Johnny Manziel:

According to trusted sources, the Texans are initially leaning towards taking either Blake Bortles or Johnny Manziel with the top pick. Although Manziel would obviously be the choice of owner Bob McNair, O’Brien is not sold that Manziel possesses the work ethic and intangibles necessary to be the face of a franchise.

It’s not surprise that this is a pending problem in Houston. It makes sense that ownership would want the big draw in Manziel. It also fits Bill O’Brien who has ties to Bortles to select him.

At the end of the day though, the guy signing the checks usually gets his way if this report is true.