Seahawks Fan Trolls 49ers With Sherman Tip Tee (Photo)


shermans tip vs 49ers shirt

This is the type of fan on fan trolling that I like to see. There is no need for fan violence when you can create something like this that is so simple yet effective. A Seattle Seahawks fans recreated the Richard Sherman tip vs the 49ers that launched his Ric Flair rant.

This shirt would pretty much end all arguments with a Niners fan.

h/t Reddit


  1. The Seahawks fan who made this shirt had better trademark it. Nike will steal it. Remember, a black man came up with the idea of metal springs in tennis shoes. Nike stole that idea.

  2. The Seahawks fan who made this shirt better trademark it quick. If he doesn’t, Nike will steal it! Nike is notorious for stealing other people’s ideas! No joke!

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