Brian Banks Reached Out To Jameis During His Sexual Assault Investigation

Brian Banks, Luck



Brian Banks is all too familiar with getting falsely accused on a sexual assault and serving time for it, so its only fair he reached out to Jameis Winston and offered words of encouragement.


Exonerated football star Brian Banks tells TMZ Sports he’s now focused on becoming a life coach — and last year contacted Jameis Winston to offer advice and encouragement when the FSU star was at the center of a sexual assault investigation. 

Banks — who spent 5 years behind bars for a rape he didn’t commit — wouldn’t tell us what he and Winston talked about … saying they made a pact to never discuss it.  He also says privacy is the number one rule of life coach training.  

Banks himself was a standout high school football player when he was accused of rape by a classmate. He was convicted and went to prison … but his accuser later admitted she had lied and the conviction was overturned. 

After his release from prison, Brian had a brief fling last year with the Atlanta Falcons … but he says he’s done with football for now.  He wants to concentrate on life coaching and other projects — including an upcoming movie about his life.

Im sure Winston and Banks had a lot to discuss and not just about the sexual assault case but also being able to keep a level head when the world seems to be against you. Banks has a lot to offer as a life coach to young athletes entering any professional sport, being able to spot who’s for you and against you is detrimental in professional sports.