Jameis Winston Was Part of #FreeBoosie Campaign; Called Boosie In Jail


I honestly didn’t know Boosie had this many fans.

You can add Jameis Winston to the list, before Boosie was released it was Winston who was giving him a pep talk in jail according to TMZ.

Jameis is a HUGE Boosie fan and during his Freshman year at Florida State, he would often quote Boosie’s lyrics to his team, on social media and sometimes during interviews with reporters.

According to Boosie, Winston phoned the rapper the day after FSU won the National Championship and the two got along like old friends.

“We chopped it up … I told him I was a fan of his also.”

Boosie says he told Jameis to “stay focused” and let him know that he’ll be continuing to root for the guy … even though he’s a die-hard LSU fan.

Learn something new everyday.

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