Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Dominates in Vera Rematch


Julio Cesar Chavez Jr lost a good amount of his fans after his first fight against Bryan Vera. He came in sloppily over weight, unfocused, and undisciplined but was handed the bout by the 3 judges ringside. Tonight we saw a completely different Chavez Jr.

Chavez Jr. showed a much better physique during yesterday’s weigh ins and his hard training showed in tonight’s fight. Both he and Bryan Vera opened the fight on the offensive exchanging combinations in the first 3 rounds.  At that point Chavez was up 2 rounds to 1 but all three were toss up rounds.

From that point on the fight was all Julio as he stalked Vera around the ring landing body punches and straight right hands. He never eased up and stuck to a very thought out fight plan. His body blows took out all of Vera’s energy by the 7th round and he was able to fight his style of fight.

In the 12th Chavez almost knocked out vera but a busted hand and ailing foot made him conservative. If he is able to maintain this level of conditioning he’ll continue to rise.

Chavez Jr. mentioned the undefeated Gennady Golovkin as a possible opponent. He’ll have to show that he can fight a better defensive fight because Gennady’s punches are much to strong to fight toe-to-toe with.

Chavez Jr. is back on a path towards headlining a major Top Rank fight this summer with his convincing victory tonight.