Marcus Vick Replies To PETA Criticizing His Brother As Only Marcus Can

bso marcus vick sentenced to jail

I love dogs as much as anyone (you can probably tell from the 100s of sleeping pics I post of my Beagle Ellie), but I am also aware that people aren’t perfect and we make mistakes.  Also, I don’t like to be hypocrite, even though legal, I don’t think it is cool to blow off Bambi’s head for sport, but crucify Michael Vick (I think all hunting/fighter animals should be banned unless it is for food)

Many people who live in glass houses like to throw the biggest stones. PETA has never acknowledge all the good work Vick has done since he release from prison and that makes them hypocrites. Frankly, they use celebrities for attention, nothing more, nothing less.

So, in this very rare occassion I agree with Marcus Vick.

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One thought on “Marcus Vick Replies To PETA Criticizing His Brother As Only Marcus Can

  • what an embarrassment of a brother he must be to michael. speaking from a readers perspective, he should keep his thug-like opinions to himself. his brother can handle his own situations, if he wants to. poor guy isn’t the star his brother is/has been, and tries to get his via stupid public comments. it’s sad he’s so desperately needy. poor michael vick has to watch his brother meltdown for the entire world to see/hear.

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