Pat Riley Tells Heat Fans to Settle Down


The Heat after coasting a bit during the first part of the season, have started to heat up, no pun intended.

They have won 7 in a row, LeBron has the look, D Wade has stop taking PTO days and the fans think a 3peat is guaranteed now.

But, Pat Riley says slow down a bit, there are still a lot of games left in the season.  Here is what he had to say at a Heat charity event over the weekend.

“Before everybody gets excited, we’ve got another 24 or 25 games,” Riley said at a Heat charity function on Sunday.

“We’re playing very well right now, but every day you keep ratcheting up what you need to do to get ready for what you know is going to be an incredibly competitive playoff. Right now, you have to keep in mind we have a long way to go.”