Report: Mike Woodson Could Take IU Job If Tom Crean Is Fired

Mike Woodson could land in Indiana

Although the New York Knicks are currently on a 6-game winning streak, the majority still believe Mike Woodson will be canned following the season.

If Woodson indeed does get fired, what’s next?

Well, he could be heading to his alma mater of Indiana University.

According to a source, Woodson would be a top candidate at his alma mater, Indiana University, if current coach Tom Crean does not return. The source claims that several prominent IU boosters are pushing to buy out Crean and install Woodson, a product of Indianapolis, as the coach.

Indiana was a number one seed in the NCAA tournament last year after winning the big ten. This year has been a completely different story. The Hoosiers finished the season (17-15) and they’ll be fortunate to get a NIT bid.

With all that being said, it seems a little to early to give up on Crean.