Roddy White Wants The NFL To Punish Jim Irsay

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Everyone is looking to Goodell to make the appropriate punishment to Colts owner Jim Irsay. Players more so are looking for a precedent to be set, especially Roddy White.



White is right, but I think the Irsay situation is bigger than just a D.U.I., he legit needs help. Outside of a fine, NFL needs to make sure Irsay attends therapy and rehab; according to sources people have been concerned with Irsay behavior so this may be a cry for help. Instead of all of us looking for “punishment” lets look to help him first.

2 thoughts on “Roddy White Wants The NFL To Punish Jim Irsay

  • Much as I done like Roddy White I agree 100% with what he’s saying. Ethically it would totally be wrong to go light on Jim Irsay who’s worth $1 billion but go hard on NFL players with the average salary is $500,000.

  • The appropriate punishment for Jim Irsay’s criminal behavior is to take away all of the Colts’ draft picks for the upcoming draft. Second you ban him from the practice facility and the stadium for five games. If he commits another crime, force him to sell the team.

    P.S. I am fully aware this will never happen!

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