Spurs Mascot’s Crazy Eyes Will Haunt Your Dreams (Video)


Near the end of Wednesday night’s San Antonio-Denver game the Nuggets’ Aaron Brooks chased a loose ball out of bounds. Brooks was able to get a hand on the ball, but only to accidentally slap it into the face of Spurs mascot “The Coyote.” Following an obvious flop on the Coyote’s part he rights himself, gets to his feet, shakes off the cobwebs, and promptly loses his mascot eyeballs.

As disturbing as it was to see the Spurs mascot’s eyes completely disappear, it was nowhere near as troubling as the few seconds prior to his eyeballs falling off, when The Coyote’s eyes were looking anything but normal.

crazy eyes

Parents, do the right thing and never let your children see this picture, lest you enjoy giving your offspring nightmares involving creepily eyeballed mascots.