AHL Player Posts Grossest Selfie Ever After Taking Puck to Face (Photo)


Hockey players are as tough as they come, and Grand Rapid Griffin’s forward Mitch Callahan is a perfect example of this, after the AHLer took a teammate’s slapshot to the face during Wednesday night’s game against the Iowa Wild.

Needless to say, a frozen chunk of vulcanized rubber slamming into your face at upwards of 80 mph is going to do some major damage, which it did, and then some, to the Red Wings prospect’s grill. Of course Callahan did the most rational thing possible when your face is a bloody, gnarled mess and your teeth are scattered all over the ice—he tweeted out a selfie before seeking medical attention, because hockey.

Be warned, this photo is nauseatingly graphic, and what is seen can’t be unseen.

Looks like it will be a good, long while before Callahan is able to eat solid food again. On the plus side, he’s gonna save a lot of money on toothpaste from here on out.