Ex-NFL Dante Hall: Eagles Were Cowards In DJax Situation

Dante Hall

I have no idea where former NFL receiver and return man Dante Hall has been, but he has an opinion on the DeSean Jackson release from the Eagles.

Hall was on CBS Radio and told The D.A. Show that he thinks the Eagles “were cowards” with the way they handled Jackson’s situation.

“From the outside looking in that’s my perspective: they were cowards because there’s no logical explanation of why you get rid of a talent and a guy like DeSean Jackson,” Hall said. “Therefore we have to come up with some sensational smokescreen so that it makes sense to the public.”


One thought on “Ex-NFL Dante Hall: Eagles Were Cowards In DJax Situation

  • Dante Hall… Ex hasbeen,small mans,chip on your shoulder disease.. Who has no reason to wait for all the facts to come out before passing judgements…. People… Patience is a virtue before you stick your foot in your mouth…. Now the Players Association is jumping on the passing judgement bandwagon before the facts are out.. Why is it that none of Jackson’s teammates are coming to defend him and his team loving attitudes? Let’s call a spade a spade.. Jackson has never been a every play bust your butt player… He’s one step above a Randy Moss.. A guy with incredible talent who took off every other play.. And worked at 50% clip in practice.. This guy set a lousy example for teammates in his work ethic.. Period.. And the Eagles knew he set a horrible example.. Asked him to change and he didn’t change it. Paying someone 10 million.. Asking him to set an example for 7 years and nothing changed… Eagles are a team.. Not led by a me centered diva wideout…
    I will miss the talent but eventually will be better off without him..

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