Pacquiao Spends $20k Taking His 50-Man Entourage on Shopping Spree

Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao is a nice and generous guy, but there is a reason most people feel at some point he will end up broke.

The problem with 50-man entourages is when you retire they quickly shrink to 5-man entourages. But, Manny was in a giving mood after beating Tim Bradley officially for the first time (unofficially for second time).

Manny Pacquiao didn’t waste any time spending his new post-fight fortune — TMZ Sports has learned he immediately dropped $20k on a clothing shopping spree for his 50-PERSON entourage … at Nordstroms!

We spoke with Manny’s pal Abbas Ahmadi — who tells us the whole crew was on the way to the airport on Wednesday when they decided to hit up The Grove in L.A. to pick up some new threads.

We spoke to someone at Nordstroms who confirmed Manny spent a total of $20k.

Funny ending to the story, while in the Apple store, Manny ran into Justin Bieber, who is close friends with Floyd Mayweather.

One thought on “Pacquiao Spends $20k Taking His 50-Man Entourage on Shopping Spree

  • Can’t blame Bob Arum on this one. Manny must realize those guys hanging on him are not his friends. When the money runs out, they’re outro. He better start saving some of that money.

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