This UConn RA Hates Huskies Basketball (Photo)


We can all understand that one RA in college who just seemed to always be angry or agitated about something.

Well meet the worst RA in the world.

Derek goes to UConn and even though he’s aware that his mens and womens basketball teams are both 40 minutes from National Championships, he wants no part of a loud raucous celebration on his floor.

Derek even printed out a letter explaining what he expected from all his residents.



Derek needs a release.

H/T Mike Mancini

8 thoughts on “This UConn RA Hates Huskies Basketball (Photo)

  • This is off-topic, and yet related.

    Apparently it’s too much effort to TYPE OUT certain phrases. Like “RA,” for example.

    People, not everyone is familiar with your pet acronyms.

    I repeat, not everyone is familiar with your pet acronyms.

    Someone just wrote a story which fails to communicate clearly because they were too lazy to WRITE THE FRIGGING WORDS OUT, for crying out loud. Sheesh.

    • I agree, sort of. Yes, they should have spelled it out once. It is, however, not a pet acronym. In fact, it is not an acronym at all. I repeat, it is not an acronym at all. It is an abbreviation. An acronym is a word formed from the first letters of each word in a phrase (such as sonar, created from sound navigation and ranging). RA does not fulfill this criteria, since one does not pronounce it “rah”, but instead R-A. And it is not even a “pet” abbreviation. It is a common abbreviation on college campuses all over the nation. It stands for Resident Assistant, a student tasked with trying to uphold the rules of behavior in the dormitory.


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