Aaron Hernandez Running Out of Cash; His Lawyers Might Quit


Cost a lot of money to defend three separate 1st degree murder charges and Hernandez is coming up a little bit short with the payments, so his lawyers may bounce.

Former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez — accused of committing three murders and the subject of multiple civil lawsuits — is having trouble paying his attorneys, FOX Sports has learned.

Boston lawyers Charles Rankin and James Sultan, who along with a third attorney have been leading Hernandez’s defense since he was jailed last June, appeared at the former football star’s arraignment this week — but filed documents with the court indicating they may not continue to represent him.

Hernandez has 60 days to come up with the cash, but won’t be able to get it from the Patriots because they are holding it and can’t sell his home because it is being held by the courts.  Hernandez was paid over $9 million before he was cut by the Patriots as part of his new contract, so he must have blown a lot of money even before he was arrested.

He is going to have to call in some favors.