Kyle Shanahan: Johnny Manziel Is “Very Similar” To RG3


Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan has been there, done that and could be main reason that the Browns are beign so protective over Johnny Manziel.

Shanahan was with the Redskins when RG3 mania hit D.C. and he told USA Today that Manziel is very similar to RG3 in certain aspects of their games.

“Johnny and Robert are very similar,” Shanahan told USA TODAY Sports. “They’re both talented guys who can make plays with their legs. But there comes a time in the NFL when they’re going to keep you in the pocket, and you’re going to have to have that ability to make the throws with your arm and mind.

“And Johnny, just like Robert, has that arm talent and intelligence to do that.”

Shanahan said Manziel has been everything he expected and then some.

“Perception becomes everyone’s reality, but Johnny has been here working his tail off day and night, doing everything we ask,” Shanahan said. “He’s really attacked it every day, done a good job even as each week gets harder as we throw a lot more at him.

“I’ve been very impressed.”