Bosh on Spurs: “They Played The Best Basketball I’ve Ever Seen”

Chris Bosh praises the Spurs

It went unnoticed by the national media, but Chris Bosh guaranteed a game 5 victory. Obviously, Bosh was unable to help deliver on his statement.

After being humbled by the Spurs, Bosh is now singing their praises.

“They just beat us. Give credit to those guys. They dominated us. They took two games on our home court by 20 points apiece. They beat us by 20 tonight. It hasn’t been much of a series. Not even close. It’s kind of an anticlimactic ending for us, for the season, but you have to tip your hats off to those guys.

“They played the best basketball I’ve ever seen.”

Now the question remains, is this the end of the ‘Big 3″ era in Miami?