Cotto’s Domination of Martinez Creates Big Options for the Fall

Martinez Cotto

Martinez simply never recovered from the fight big shot Cotto hit him with and it was total domination from that point on.

Miguel Cotto a few years ago looked like a fighter who had too many wars and was on his last legs as an elite boxer in the sport, then he called Freddie Roach. When that partnership came about I was skeptical because it is very hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but I have been surprised at how well it has worked out.

Cotto doesn’t look so much like a different fighter, but a reborn fighter. The skills were always there, but maybe over the years they had gotten rusty or he wasn’t as focused, but whatever the case the focus is there now and it has been impressive to watch. Cotto the smaller man, simply manhandled Martinez. Cotto hurt Martinez in almost every round until Martinez’s corner mercifully stopped the fight.

I think almost every person who did pick Martinez myself included did it with the disclaimer that he would be the favorite if healthy. I don’t know if a healthy Martinez would have even won this fight, but the facts are clearly this was not the same Martinez that fought against Paul Williams or even Julio Caesar Chavez JR. It is simply time for him to call it a career and it was a great one.

As for Cotto he has two options staring at him for the fall. As a promotional free agent he can fight whoever he likes and doesn’t have to worry about promotional or network politics.

If Canelo Alvarez beats Lara next month, that would be the logical choice especially since Oscar De La Hoya and Bob Arum are playing nice now.

But, there is an off chance that Cotto would be interested in a rematch with Floyd Mayweather. Either fight would be massive and if it was Mayweather it would be the biggest fight of the year. Whoever he fights Cotto has to be considered a threat and that includes even against Mayweather.