Jets WR Coach: Too Soon To Call Stephen Hill A Bust


Stephen Hill has compiled statistics of 45 catches for 594 yards and four touchdowns.   That’s a decent first half of the NFL season for some of the more talented wideouts in the NFL.  

Those eye popping numbers from Hill are based off two lackluster seasons in the NFL, and wouldn’t be expected from a highly touted second round pick.

Jets wide receivers coach Sanjay Lal told the New York Daily News that it’s too soon to label the former Georgia Tech product a bust. 

“It’s a little early to label him as a bust,” Lal said, via the New York Daily News. “When I think of a bust, I don’t think of him that way. I have seen players who are higher picks that were busts because of their own laziness. Those are busts. I have a hard time labeling a guy a bust when he’s done everything in his power. Luck in terms of injuries hasn’t been on his side.”

The Jets aren’t waiting on Hill to develop either.  They signed Eric Decker to a huge free agent deal, and drafted three wideouts last month.