Klinsmann Feels US is at a Disadvantage vs. Germany

Jurgen Klinsmann

The United States’ fate in the World Cup is far from being set. Tying Portugal 2-2 was an obstacle that was somewhat overcome but, the team’s game against Germany will be an even greater challenge.

U.S. Head coach Jurgen Klinsmann feels that his team is at a disadvantage in the game against Germany.

“We have one day less to recover. They played yesterday; we played today,” Klinsmann said via ESPN. “We played in the Amazon; they played in a location where they don’t have to travel much.”

“Everything was done for the big favorites to go and move on. We’re going to do it the tough way.”

According to ESPN, the U.S. players are traveling more miles than any other World Cup team.

The Germans will have an extra day to prepare for their game.

If the U.S. can tie Portugal in Manaus, Brazil, which has difficult heat conditions (a ref on Sunday called the first-ever water break at the World Cup), than if their effort and play is on point they can overcome a bigger challenge.

Be sure to watch the U.S. take on Germany, Thursday, noon ET, on ESPN.