Melo’s Official Free Agency Travel Guide, First Stop Chicago

Detroit Pistons v New York Knicks

ESPN’s Marc Stein is reporting that prized free agent, Carmelo Anthony will kick off his tour de Melo on Tuesday in Chicago to meet with the Bulls–and then on to Texas to meet with the Rockets and Mavericks on Wednesday.

With football season still weeks away and basketball season just ending, free agency is the most exciting thing us sports fans have to look forward to at this time of year (sorry MLB lovers), so be expecting to hear about every city and left turn these high profile athletes make.

It will be interesting to see what kind of situations are offered for Melo’s services by these teams, but I can’t help to think: Is it me or does it seem like the Dallas Mavericks are always in discussion for these free agents but NEVER land one?

Poor Mavs always tossed in these discussions as leverage for other teams. However if they unexpectedly land a big fish, it could finally turn their fortunes and get other talent as a side effect.

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