NBA Teams Value In Wake Of Clippers Sale (Photo)


Dollar Sign, Luck

Money makes our pretty world go round and when the Clippers went for $2 Billion, people everywhere cleaned their ears… The Clippers went for T-W-O B-I-L-L-I-O-N Dollars? Are we sure?  Yes and fans weren’t the only ones perplexed with this, financial advisors and reports were as well. The Knicks were thought to be the ones with the hefty price tag of being worth $1.4B but former Microsoft CEO Ballmer proved us otherwise. With the Clippers being sold for that price, what does that say about other teams? Well, our smart friends over at Forbes decided to do the hard work for us and created a chart to show what each team is worth according to the Clippers.

NBA VALUE,LuckThe teams looked like to have doubled, if we are going by accordance to the Bucks being recently sold for around $550M.  According to this chart, how much is your team worth?