Raw Recap: Seth Rollins Breaks Up the Shield and Our Hearts (Videos)




That’s basically the only way to describe the final segment of Monday’s show. Just wow. Let’s get right to it.

The Hounds of Justice are no more.

After running roughshod over the WWE since their Survivor Series debut over a year and a half ago, the Shield have finally been broken up thanks to Seth Rollins. For months, people have been discussing the possible Shield break-up, and WWE played it perfectly by splitting the faction on a high-note, when fans least expected it.

The Shield had just beaten Evolution the previous night at Payback in a clean sweep. They were battered and beaten, but coming off of a victory ready to propel the faction to one of the all-time elites.

And then they weren’t.

As the Shield waited for Triple H and Randy Orton to make their way to the ring, Rollins blasted Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose with chair shot after chair shot, executing one of the best heel turns and swerves we’ve seen from the company in years.

The shock in Ambrose’s face perfectly explains how we all felt watching Rollins’ actions unfold.


Fans everywhere had to be sick to their stomach as one of the best factions in recent memory dissolved in front of our eyes. And the worst part of it all? This.


It will be interesting to see where the angle goes next, Rollins is now in a position to really excel as a heel, and his impressive skill set is a great addition to Evolution. This could be a watershed moment for the newest member of Evolution, Rollins has an opportunity to really propel his career moving forward.

Will the Shield recruit a new third member? Will Reigns and Ambrose be able to stick together? So many questions and so much interest after one of the best show endings in years. This was seriously some great television that will have the wrestling world talking all week long.

Bluetista goes bye-bye.

While the show ended with Evolution standing tall with its newest member, Raw began with the group losing their powerhouse. Bluetista aka Boo-tista aka Batista, took issue with Evolution’s constant focus on the Shield and complained about never getting the title shot he was promised.

Batista went on to demand a title match on Raw, despite Daniel Bryan’s inability to compete, and when he didn’t get what he wanted, chose to quit rather than deal with what he called lies and empty promises.

Daniel Bryan v. Kane, Round 324

In a program that has seemingly been going on for years and years, Daniel Bryan will once again face former-tag partner Kane in a WWE World Heavyweight Title match at the upcoming Money in the Bank. Stephanie McMahon made the announcement while berating Bryan for allowing his wife to sacrifice her career to save his title.

McMahon then made a potentially huge announcement, letting fans know that if Bryan was unable to compete against Kane at the pay-per-view, the Money in the Bank ladder match would be for the title!

Cena on a collision course with the Authority?

One interesting moment was John Cena interrupting Stephanie’s degrading of Bryan, saying that the champ proves himself every time he goes into the ring and telling McMahon that she is letting her personal feelings get in the way of what’s best for business.

To prove that the Authority gives everyone an equal opportunity, McMahon booked Cena to face Kane immediately. The Big Red Monster showed little interest in actually winning the match, getting himself disqualified and trying to tombstone Cena onto the steel steps. Super-Cena would reverse the move and hit Kane in the face with some steel steps, leaving their confrontation without a solid ending.

Money in the Bank gets its first qualifier.

The first qualifier for the MITB ladder match was a good bout between Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio. While most fans would love to see Ziggler get some shine in the match, the feeling that creative would screw it up and put ADR in overwhelmed that hope.

And well, the fans were right. Del Rio got the win and the first spot in the match, while Ziggler gets pushed further and further down the card.

It’s been a long time since Raw left fans with so many questions. It’s been even longer since the show went off the air with such an incredibly shocking moment. Here’s hoping next weeks episode can live up to what we witnessed last night. Regardless, Raw will be must-see next Monday night.