Report: Cavs on Bottom of LeBron’s Free Agency List


Brace yourselves Cavs fans, more bad news may be on the horizon.

With four-time MVP LeBron James hitting the free agent market, there have been dreams of a homecoming to the Cavs. According to Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders, Cleveland fans may want to forget about bringing James back into the fold. When asked about the Cavs chances of landing LeBron, Kyler was blunt to say the least.

The Cavs are not getting LeBron James… so you can speculate on the 90 things you can say, but the Cavs are light years away from a championship and that’s all that matters to LeBron.

Off all the teams that could get LeBron the Cavs are likely last on the list. Focus on what you have and that’s a promising young team. LeBron has moved on, so should you.

Ouch. While it’s not surprising the James likely isn’t going back to Cleveland, the finality with which Kyler speaks has to sting a bit for Cavs fans who dreamed of teaming James up with their young roster. While this may sting in Cleveland, fans really have one person to blame for their slim chances of landing James; Cavs owner and Comic-Sans loving Dan Gilbert.

Free agency aka the Summer of Lebron, Part 2 begins tonight at midnight eastern.


One thought on “Report: Cavs on Bottom of LeBron’s Free Agency List

  • I thought you had a real source here. Steve Kyler is the opposite of a plugged-in reporter. The players mock him for being a sycophant and other reporters mock him for calling every player in the league his “boy” (the one who don’t cringe at the fact that a white male is calling black males his boys, anyway). He is the furthest thing from a real journalist you can find. The only national NBA writers who might be worse are Kurt Helin, who just copies and pastes better writers’ reports while adding copious amounts of typos and other errors, or Sean Highkin, who is little more than an NBA meme machine on Twitter.

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