Reporter Says He Put David Lee On All-Defensive Team By Mistake

David Lee promises to be better

Somehow James Harden was able to get two votes for the NBA’s All-Defensive team. I am still trying to understand how this happened.

So when news broke that one voter was retracting his vote and he simply made it in error one would think this had to be one of the votes for Harden right?


Phoenix Suns broadcaster Al McCoy somehow voted for David Lee. Lee is a great player for the Warriors but on defense he is pretty much non-existing, and that’s putting it lightly.

With Harden receiving two votes and Lee receiving one accidental vote, the NBA should probably update their voting system. It appears the NBA uses an online, drop down voting system. However the issue with this error is some players use this as leverage to receive bonuses and other incentives, so it’s important that the NBA fixes this “glitch” immediately.