Some Fans Had No Idea Who Chinx Was

Hot 97 Summer Jam Chinx

New York’s very own artist Chinx came out hard and lively on Hot 97’s Summer Jam Festival Stage. The energy heavily escalated in the beginning when his well-known track “I’m a Coke Boy,” was performed. However, some of the fans looked like they did not know who he was, either sitting with a low look on their faces or had their heads down in their phones.While others who knew Chinx were jumping around, waving their arms and singing the lyrics along with him.

One slight problem with the performance is that at times it was way too hard to even hear what he was saying because of the bass. But, his tracks’ beats made up for it; a great second performance to get fans up on their feet for the later Festival Stage performances.

I thought it was a great energy buzzer and leg-way to Mack Wilds and Childish Gambino’s performances, who were awesome as noted in Ashley’s post.

Funny thing is some folks looked perplexed when Chinx’s name was announced but knew his songs instantly when they came on. Very odd, but great moment.

Photo Credit: Hot 97