Thunder Reggie Jackson Wants To Start Next Season

Jackson, Luck

Reggie Jackson stepped up big for OKC offensively when keeping up with the Spurs proved more than just a strategic defensive effort.

During their exit interviews with the Daily Thunder, Reggie Jackson expressed his wants for becoming a starter.

Reggie Jackson: “I’d like to be a starter. I’m not going to lie.”

But just saying what you want can’t come to fruition without your coach wanting to give you the opportunity.

Brooks on the potential of keeping Reggie Jackson in the starting five: “I hate to put myself in that position because who knows what will happen over the summer … [Reggie] can play both positions, as can Russ. They can play together, that was proven in this series.”

No one can deny the difference Jackson made when he was in the line up and with Sefolosha an upcoming free agent, Jackson might not be too far off from that starting position. Sefolosha has expressed that he’s unsure about his future with OKC and also being replaced by not only Jackson but also Caron Butler.

“It’s just tough,” Sefolosha said. “You’ve got a lot of questions, like, why and what is the thought process necessarily behind it? Things like that. You just stick with the plan, stick with your teammates.”

I have no clue,” Sefolosha said when asked if he expected to be back. “I’m going to have to take some time to think about a lot of things.”

Looks like this NBA offseason will be interesting. Theres so many things happening all over, I’m sure this will be one of their busiest off seasons yet.