Adrian Peterson Says Mike Zimmer Restored His Faith in Vikings


Adrian Peterson wasn’t happy at the end of last season. The team hasn’t been very good while he has been there and he was vocal about not liking the firing of Leslie Frazier. Now his tune has changed and everything is all good now that Mike Zimmer and Norv Turner are around:

“I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t feeling good about being here in Minnesota at the end of last season,” Peterson said in a wide-ranging interview with ESPN on Thursday. “Coaches change, but everything was shaken up.

“That changed when these guys came in, and draft picks and different things like that. [I] bought back in, and I’ll let it ride out.”

For me, the pity party that people throw for Adrian Peterson being “stuck” in Minnesota needs to end now. He has the right to change his mind but if they go 4-12 this year and he wants a trade, remember these comments. Peterson says he wants to win a championship and now the team has the right pieces and coaches to get it done.

Time will tell if AP is right.