Geno Smith Believes Jets Could Make Super Bowl Run

Geno Smith

There’s a fine line between being somewhat overconfident and outright delusional, and I think Geno Smith has just crossed that line. According to Ian Rapaport of the NFL Network, Smith thinks the Jets have have a legitimate shot at a Super Bowl run, despite the fact that they’re still the Jets and all.

Not to knock Smith too much, because you hope the kid would think enough of his team that they could win the Super Bowl, but that confidence, without going all Jurgen Klinsmann, needs to be tempered with a bit of realism too. Defensively the Jets are fairly stout, but when your offense boasts the worst starting QB in the NFL, a backfield tandem of Chris Johnson and Chris Ivory, and Eric Decker as your top wideout, it’s hard to envision the Jets making the playoffs, let alone going all the way to the big game.

2 thoughts on “Geno Smith Believes Jets Could Make Super Bowl Run

  • Geno is high as a kite

  • Smith said when he got drafted that they were going to the playoffs – lol… Smith is at best a 3rd string QB and Michael Vick has a brand new start AGAIN… Smith should shut his mouth, study that playbook, warm that bench and kiss the coaches tattoo of Sanchez… Maybe one day Rex will get Smith tattooed on his butt – lol

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