Kobe Has Put on a Few Pounds (Photos)

Kobe Fat

Kobe is basketball years is old and frankly most guys in their mid-30s look like this, just part of life’s ugly beer belly cycle.

I am sure by the time training camp rolls around he will be in much better shape. He has plenty of time, it is the off-season, so if he wants to look like Boris Diaw or a mini Carmelo Anthony that is fine. Same thing happened to Ric Flair and he is still one of the greatest Wrestlers ever.

I had a photoshop expert take a look at the photo and they believe it may have been altered to make it appear worse than it really is (Jordan fan maybe?).  Can’t say for sure, but funny nevertheless.

H/T SI Hot Clicks and SB Nation

2 thoughts on “Kobe Has Put on a Few Pounds (Photos)

  • That is 100% photoshopped, come on man, be better than this, you make all sports bloggers look bad pushing this kind of garbage just for some clicks.

  • Wow…maybe all that weight will his achilles rehab?

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