LeBron’s Mom’s BF Da Real Lambo Says Bron Left Him in Miami (Photo)


It seems LeBron not only left Miami for Cleveland, but also left behind his mom’s boyfriend, Da Real Lambo. Lambo went on Instagram to offer Miami fans some solace and let them know that they weren’t the only ones abandoned by the King. I’m guessing Lambo is also a Heat fan, since he’s from the area, so sorry Miami. Not even Lambo could’ve convinced King James to stay with the Heat.  Da Real Lambo probably trolling, but it appears he has no plans to move Cleveland any time soon.

Miami fans as a whole shouldn’t be upset though. LeBron gave 4 good years and 2 rings to the city. The Heat and all its fans should be thankful and move on.

Have we ever figured out Da Real Lambo’s real name?  What exactly is on his driver’s license?  Things that make you go hmmmmmm….